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eLearning Development

We learn through experience.


It’s how most of us develop and grow in both our personal and professional lives. eLearning should be more like that - learning through experience, rather than simply wading through content, hoping something sticks.

noun: elearning
learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the Internet"

I help develop immersive eLearning experiences that engage users and allows them to explore and experience the learning path in a more nuanced and natural manner. Gone are the days of content, content, content, quiz. People want to learn by exploring - being allowed to practice, make mistakes, get feedback and learn solutions, again and again.

Which is why it is so important to collaborate at an early stage and communicate what the goals of each learning experience are going to be. You probably have most of the material already – content, storyboard, graphics, video, and assessments but just need some assistance in putting it all together. Allow me to help develop your course towards the right goal.

Video and animation are, by far, the best and most engaging methods to impart knowledge to an audience, for a number of reasons; people connect with video and animations as ‘stories’ far easier than reading lots of content; lots of information can be communicated very easily within a multimedia piece; clever use of video and/or animation can have a profound impact on an audience’s engagement; and, in the right context, videos can illustrate exactly what is needed to be explained or learned because the audience can see the full context and environment of a process being demonstrated.

So, take a deep breath and dive in. The water’s fine! I am here to help.





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